Je tiens à remercier tous mes clients pour leur soutien et aussi à exprimer ma sincère gratitude pour les gentils messages que j'ai reçus, dont certains sont inclus ci-dessous.
Dear Toby,

It worked out perfectly: the knife is here! ...and it is exactly as I wanted it to be. The wood, the steel, the polish, the sheath, the grip,...everything! It is a great peace of craftsmanship for both steel and woodwork.

Thank you very much for making me such a nice knife. I never had such a knife before (also, I have to admit I never turned 50 before ) and I'm looking forward to using it a lot. Please find attached a foto of me, proudly presenting "my knife" to my daughter (who complimented me - and you - for choosing the nice Kingwood and for the flawless finish).

I think this will not be my last TP-Knife! With my best regards I wish you a nice summer and a lot of satisfied customers like me.

Jochen - Autriche
Dear Toby,

My knife arrived yesterday morning, oh boy, I was actually a little bit shaken. I can tell you, it does exceed my expectations, unbelievable workmanship!! It feels in every way like a dream in my hands, I can not wait to use this knife into the woods.

The wood itself is really amazing, it has the most beautiful shine on it, also the black liners are really contributing to the wood, and the mosaic pins, oh boy, what a luxury touch they give, I have never seen such beautiful mosaic pins!! The leatherwork is outstanding also, very very well made!! I can only speak in superlatives about this knife, I am that impressed!!

I am proud to own this knife, I am convinced this will be a good companion at my backpacking trips and my stays in the woods. Thank you very much for your workmanship, kindness, advice, alertness about my order, e-mail changings, fulfilled appointment about delivery time, it gives me a true good feeling about your character in person, it makes me the more happy to own this knife !! Sincerely yours,

Jurgen - Hollande
Dear Toby,

The knife arrived Saturday and is fantastic! I attended a local bushcraft meet over the bank holiday weekend so I was able to put the knife to work. Universally praised and admired by all who inspected it, I found it a joy to use. From food prep to carving I have used the knife for a variety of tasks and it has excelled at everything. I must say that the "Fit and Finish" is just stunning, the crisp lines and ergonomics have amazed every body who looked at it.

So a big thank you for everything you have done, and your good service. I will be a repeat customer. Thanks and regards,

Jason - Angleterre
Bonjour Monsieur,

Je viens de recevoir votre couteau. BRAVO, il est très beau. Je passe souvent des vacances dans votre région. Si cela ne vous dérange pas est-il possible de vous rendre visite et visiter votre atelier? A bientot j'espère.

Alain Tellier - France
Hi Toby,

As damn near perfection as is possible. That's my first impression of this wonderful tool/creation/work of art you've sent me. The wood is absolutely stunning. The lines are perfect. In the hand it feels like an extension of my body. I'm very glad I went for the prototype blank. The slight drop in the blade gives the overall line of the knife a beautiful shape. Not sure what else I can say to be honest.

When I get some time I'll be taking some photos of this and I'll post a thread on several of the bushcraft and blade forums displaying this lovely piece of craftsmanship. Thanks for keeping me updated along the way Toby. It's incredible watching the raw materials being fashioned into the finished article. Regards,

Darren - Pays de Galles
Hi Toby,

Well you were right! The thump on the doormat came a short while ago, so eagerly opened the package, WOW, was my first thought, which as I explored my new knife got louder and longer! What a beautiful piece of workmanship, it's stunning Toby and more than well worth the investment.

I shall treasure this knife and pass on with eagerness where I had it made. Many thanks toby,

Ian Warburton - Angleterre & Afrique
Bonsoir Toby,

Je viens de recevoir mon couteau, je suis très content de la qualité de celui ci. Merci pour votre réalisation. Cordialement

Jean - Paris, France
Dear Toby

As we both know Ive been itching to get my hands on this knife since placing my order. Well now the moment has finally arrived, what can I say, absolutely beautiful, oustanding, just perfect!! The craftmanship is stunning, you truly are a superb craftsman and artist, Im just blown away.

The Kingwood is beautiful, the pins amazing. It fits my hand perfectly and feels as though an extension of myself. The blade is stunning, absolute perfection and the sheath is superb!!

Thankyou for your help, advice and for making this beautiful piece for me. This knife will be used but treasured and cared for I assure you. Toby, as well as a craftsman and an artist, your also a true gentlemen and its been an absolute pleasure and honour, thank you again!!

Your reputation is superb already but I will certainly be spreading the word!! This will not be my last TP knife!! Kindest regards

Kev - United Kingdom
Dear Friend

I have been collecting knives for more than twenty years, I have various Randall, some Dozier, and a good number of handmade knives from different countries. For some time now I have focused on Bushcraft knives. I have bought knives from anyone who wanted to sell me one of theirs, in total some 20 Bushcraft knives. Some very good, and some, to be honest, not so good, however the one you, my friend, made for me is a totally new level compared to the other knives I have. The high quality of the build, the excellent handle design, and the quality of the materials used make this model - although made for use - a luxury product.

I can give testimony of your dedication and interest to the work to which you have committed yourself, delivering a finished product that is just as offered and advertised on your website. Something that rarely occurs.

For anyone looking for a good knife, for outdoor, bushcraft or hunting use, I recommend you consider this master craftsman. Perhaps the only criticism I can make is that his knives are so beautiful you can't bring yourself to use them. Regards,

Gaston Fuenzalida - Santiago, Chile
Dear Toby

The knife is here. It is just as nice as I was hoping it would be and looks exactly as I had it in mind. One more time you did a great job in all aspects: the superior quality of all components, the polished razor-sharp steel, the choice of wood and how you applied it to the blade, the detailed choice of liners and mosaic pins, the edgeless surface of the handle, the fitted sheath that holds the knife without play, just to name a few. Also, the custom sizing of the scales, with a little more "beef", is perfect for my hand. Not to mention the time and effort you invested in those many emails, back and forth, during the planning and decision making process.

As a returning customer I can, once again, only say thank you very, very much for making such an awesome knife for me. I'm curious how long I can bear up against the urge to ask for the next TP-knife. All the best and greetings,

Jochen - Austria
Hi Toby

The knife arrived safely and I have to say it is stunning! The quality of the handles and the blade is the best I've ever seen.

I have a few other knives from other custom makers but nothing matches the craftsmanship on yours. The blade is razor sharp, the scales are flawless and the mosaic pins are absolute quality.

Thank you very much, this certainly won't be the last knife I get from you.

Paul - Liverpool, UK
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